DefendEar Digital Features

DefendEar® Digital custom hearing protection from Westone® is the most advanced way to prevent hearing loss from gunshot noise while enhancing ambient sounds for increased situational awareness. All DefendEar® Digital models suppress high-level impulse sounds while enhancing low-level speech that is difficult or impossible to hear with traditional passive hearing protection. The Digital 1 provides excellent all-around noise suppression and ambient amplification for a variety of shooting environments. The Digital 2 offers two modes for either intermittent or continuous shots in addition to ambient sound enhancement. The Hunter boosts low-level sounds for detecting game movement while providing impulse suppression tailored for continuous shots from larger caliber firearms. The Hunter has a second mode that reduces wind noise typical in the open range and in hunting stands. The DefendEar® modules are incorporated into Westone® maximum attenuating OtoBlast™ silicone hearing protectors for the best comfort, fit, and protection available.

Custom Fit

No earpiece offers better protection and comfort than one custom molded and hand-finished specifically for your ears. Westone®'s 50+ years of crafting custom earpieces means superior performance and protection from your DefendEar® Digital.

Modular Design

With all of the DefendEar® Digital's circuitry housed in a removable module, you can easily upgrade or replace the electronics or your custom earpiece—a flexible, cost-effective system for long-term firearm hearing protection.

Situational Awareness

Unlike traditional passive hearing protection, DefendEar® Digital actually enhances low-level sounds instead of blocking them. You can carry a conversation, detect game, and hear your surroundings while still being protected from gunshot noise.

Safety Notice

This product is designed for people with normal hearing only! The purpose of hearing protection is to reduce the impact of the sound and to reduce the potential for hearing loss. Hearing protection devices, including DefendEar® products, do not eliminate sound. The user is responsible for determining whether the noise reduction provided by DefendEar® products will provide adequate hearing protection based on the user’s unique medical history and exposure level. Your medical history, particularly any prior trauma to the ear or prior hearing loss, as well as the noise (decibel level and exposure time) the user will be exposed to should be considered prior to using DefendEar® products. If you have any questions concerning the appropriate exposure levels or the level of hearing protection provided by DefendEar® products, or if you have hearing loss or ear injuries, contact your local hearing professional before using.