Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are personal devices that can help people to engage in one-to-one conversations. These portable amplifiers are with amplifiers, which ensure that the sounds you wish to hear are brought closer to your ears.

These hand-held devices work by capturing the sounds you wish to hear and they may help you filter certain background noises. In this short guide, we will take a look at how assistive listening devices can help. Keep reading!



How Can Assistive Listening Devices Help?

There are certain ways through which Assistive Listening Devices can be of great help. Some of these are explained as follows:


Hear Better in Public Places

There are many types of Assistive Listening Devices that can help boost sound transmission. Many of these are designed for huge facilities, including theaters, classrooms, airports, and religious centers. On the other hand, there are some that are used for personal purposes, especially in one-to-one conversations and small settings.

These devices can be adopted with or without the use of a cochlear implant or hearing aids. Assistive Listening Systems can also serve as a gateway through which individuals suffering from hearing difficulties can access any sound that is transmitted through a sound system or a public address system.

It does not stop there. If there is a need to conveniently connect to any of these systems, you may consider the use of a hearing device that comes with a telecoil. There are also Assistive Listening Systems for huge facilities. These include frequency-modulated systems, hearing loop systems, and infrared systems.



A hearing aid will most likely be of significant help for you if you have hearing difficulties, especially in your daily activities. However, what if the use of these hearing aids is not quite enough? The use of Assistive Listening Devices can be significant in bridging this gap in both private and public settings. With the use of assistive devices, it is possible to improve communication among individuals with different levels of hearing loss. Click here to view our assistive listening devices that we offer.