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  1. The Sound of Safety: How Westone's Hearing Protection Devices Elevate the Experience

    The Sound of Safety: How Westone's Hearing Protection Devices Elevate the Experience

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  2. Westone's Military and Hearing Protection Offerings: Supporting Our Service Members and Pilots with World-Class Technology

    ear protection

    The most common way to protect your ear is to turn down the volume of loud music, move away from noise, or avoid exposure to loud sounds. When any of these cannot be done, making use of custom hearing protection like the ones offered by Westone

    These custom molded earplugs can be used during any activity because it reduces the intensity of the sound that filters into the ear. It is important to protect ears from loud sounds because it can damage the sensitive part of your ear causing you to suffer from noise induced hearing loss or tinnitus. You can survive this noise induced hearing loss by using Westone’s military and hearing protection offerings.


    DefendEar Industrial Protection

    The DefendEar industrial hearing protection device has three offerings which include DefendEar M

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  3. The Importance of Custom-Fit Earpieces: How Westone's Expertise Leads to Better Hearing Health

    Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss is a problem no one wants to face. While it's capable of reducing life’s quality, it also makes life uncomfortable. The ears are vital parts of the body which is why we need to do everything we can to protect your hearing and ensure that it remains in its best condition. 

    So to maintain your ear’s working condition, making use of custom-fit earpieces can be your best solution. The use of custom-fit earpieces offers a lot of benefits that sees people of all ages rely on these objects to get things going. With that said, here are some importance of custom fit earpieces that lead to better hearing health.


    Protection against hearing loss or damage

    Westone’s custom-fit earpiece is de

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  4. An Effective Way to Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

    Whether you’re dealing with occupational noise or you have a hobby that exposes you to loud noises, it’s always a good idea to invest in earpieces that can prevent hearing loss. A lot of individuals ignore the fact that hearing loss can be irreversible in some cases.

    And the sad reality is that hearing loss is quite prevalent in our society today. In the United States alone, around 1 in 8 individuals 12 years or older exhibit symptoms of hearing loss in both ears. That's around 30 million individuals with hearing problems.

    Good thing there's technology that can prevent individuals from losing their hearing.

    Nowadays, there are lots of industrial hearing protection products in the market from the simplest disposable earplugs to ones that use advanced technology to suppress loud sounds. But of course, the

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