TRU® Shooter

Westone® TRU® Shooter Ear Plugs put the power to control your hearing protection at your fingertips.
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TRU® Shooter ear plugs have a switch on the end that opens and closes the filter, letting you toggle between 18dB and 5dB of hearing protection. Choose whether to also filter out additional background sound with the filters closed, or whether to allow for clear hearing with the filters open. With TRU® Shooter, you can easily control your hearing protection at the range or in the field.

  • With the filters switched open, TRU® Shooter permits natural hearing, so that voices and background sounds come through clearly. The open filters allow air to pass in and out of the ear canal, meaning the wearer retains sound directionality and spatiality -- key components of the situational awareness shooters really need in hunting or combat situations.
  • With the filters switched closed, TRU® Shooter provides 18dB of reduction in background noise, taking the edge off of ambient sounds. This mode offers protection from both blast and steady-state noise, making it a very versatile hearing protector.
  • Whether opened or closed, TRU Shooter protects from high impulse noise so your ears stay protected from the dangerous sounds of gun shots, artillery fire, and explosions. Westone® TRU® Shooter ear plugs are ideal for shooting sports, hunting, combat, and any situation in which loud impulse noises (up to 166dB) pose a threat to your hearing.
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  • One set of medium plugs
  • One set of large plugs
  • One set of TRU™ filters
  • One travel zip pouch
  • One cord
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