Sonic Alert Clock (SBT425SS)

Sonic Alert Alarm Clock with Telephone Signaler and Super Shaker
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Combines the Sonic Alert Alarm Clock/transmitter with the Sonic Alert receiver/vibrator. The alarm clock features a snooze alarm, adjustable volume, and pitch control. The powerful receiver/vibrator can be placed under a pillow or mattress. Plug a phone into the clock and the alarm will sound every time the phone rings!


- 113 dB extra-loud alarm (with adjustable tone and volume control)
- Built-in Telephone Signaler
- SS12V Super Shakerâ„¢ bed vibrating unit (female adapter)
- Built-in flashing alert lights
- 9 V battery backup maintains time and alarm setting in the event of power failure (battery not included)
- Hi/low dimmer switch
- 1-year Sonic Alert blast-proof warranty

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