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  1. Custom vs. Disposable Hearing Protection: What are the Benefits?

    Comparing custom to disposable foam hearing protection.

    Are you concerned about your hearing and considering purchasing hearing protection? With the world around us growing noisier and noisier every year, it’s not a bad idea to at least contemplate the decision! But what type of hearing protection would be best for you? Would a pair of custom-fitted earpieces really be worth paying the extra money, or would a cheap pair of foam, disposable earplugs get the job done just fine? In this post, we're going to try to answer that very question, while also discussing some of the clear benefits of using custom hearing protection.

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  2. Westone Employee Highlight: Shirley Skidmore

    Shirley Skidmore

    In the latest addtion to our Westone Employee Highlight series on our blog, we introduce you to our most tenured customer service representative here at Westone: Shirley Skidmore. Shirley has held numerous positions at Westone over the past 30 years with the company, however she's been solely working as an outstanding member of our customer service team for quite some time now. Get to know a little bit more about the person behind the voice that you have probably heard a hundred times, and click below to learn all about Shirley's time with us here at Westone!

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  3. Westone Employee Highlight: Karl & Kris Cartwright

    Kris & Karl Cartwright

    As we celebrate our 60th anniversary this year, we would like to take some time to thank our employees, especially our most tenured employees, for all they do here at Westone! Believe it or not, over 40% of Westone's employees have actually been with the company for at least 10 years, so we thought we'd start a series of employee highlights on our blog to recognize our employees for everything they've done over the past 60 years. We couldn't think of two better employees to start these highlights off with, than our two most tenured employees at the company: Karl and Kris Cartwright! 

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