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  1. Westone Employee Highlight: Greg Morgan

    Greg Morgan - Westone

    Throughout Westone's entire history, few employees have traveled further and worked harder to spread the good word about Westone than Greg Morgan. In the latest addition to our employee highlight series, we take a look at Greg's intriguing careerpath here at Westone, which has spanned over 28 years and taken Greg across the pond numerous times on different business trips. A natural musician who's had to deal with his own battles with hearing loss, Greg knows all-too-well the importance of custom earpieces and the crucial role they play in people's daily lives! 

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  2. AFRL supports Thunderbirds with aerospace technology

    AFRL supports Thunderbirds with aerospace technology

    Colorado Springs, CO – July 15, 2019 - The United States Air Force Thunderbirds delivered an awe-inspiring performance at the Vectren Dayton Air Show June 22-23, 2019, captivating young and old alike with jaw-dropping aerial maneuvers and impressive feats of skill...
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