Monthly Archives: December 2019

  1. Westone Employee Highlight: Lerone Powell

    Lerone Powell Employee Highlight

    Regardless of the company or organization being discussed, strong leadership capabilities are some of the most highly sought-after skills by any employer. Leadership doesn’t always come naturally to everyone however, and while leadership skills can certainly be developed or strengthened over time, you just seem to know a true leader whenever you’re in the presence of one. In our latest addition to our Employee Highlight series, we take a look at one of Westone’s favorite and finest leaders: Lerone Powell.

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  2. Staying TRU: The Importance of Proper Hearing Protection for Musicians AND Music Lovers


    Whether you’re a Grammy-award winning singer, a bass-dropping DJ, a master percussionist, a music photographer or the world’s most dedicated groupie who ONLY sits front row at shows, there’s one thing in particular you should be worried about: your hearing! In this blog post, we discuss some of the potential hearing loss dangers that concert-goers face every time they attend a show, and how TRU hearing protection can ensure your ears stay properly protected throughout any live performance.

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