Whether you’re dealing with occupational noise or you have a hobby that exposes you to loud noises, it’s always a good idea to invest in earpieces that can prevent hearing loss. A lot of individuals ignore the fact that hearing loss can be irreversible in some cases.

And the sad reality is that hearing loss is quite prevalent in our society today. In the United States alone, around 1 in 8 individuals 12 years or older exhibit symptoms of hearing loss in both ears. That's around 30 million individuals with hearing problems.

Good thing there's technology that can prevent individuals from losing their hearing.

Nowadays, there are lots of industrial hearing protection products in the market from the simplest disposable earplugs to ones that use advanced technology to suppress loud sounds. But of course, there is a big difference between simple earplugs and electronic earpieces. Electronic earpieces tend to amplify the soft sounds while suppressing the loud sounds thanks to their advanced tuning algorithm.

Westone’s DefendEar

westone earpiece

Westone is currently the number one company that manufactures hearing protection products. It has developed DefendEar which is a practical electronic earpiece for musicians, hunters, and other individuals who are usually exposed to high decibels.

Just how practical is the Westone DefendEar? With its DSP-powered system, it’s possible to communicate with another person who is also wearing a DefendEar earpiece. It comes with a technology wherein loud sounds such as gunshot sounds are suppressed while voices are amplified.

These earpieces have been sculpted and adapted to a person’s ear giving the product the best fit. And unlike ear muffs, the DefendEar earpiece is lightweight and easy to store. It is also easy to use for different activities. You can be actively moving without ever noticing that you’re wearing an earpiece.

Beyond Hearing Loss Prevention

Aside from avoiding hearing loss, some individuals treat them as their hearing aids. This can amplify the quiet sounds to around 24 decibels, all while keeping loud noises such as gunshots to safe levels. This is also the reason why it's a favorite among hunters. Hunters can whisper to one another and still be able to hear each other.

Occupations that are constantly exposed to loud noises can also take advantage of Westone’s DefendEar as it is easy to wear and carry around while you’re doing your job, learn more about DefendEar and Westone's wide array of hearing protection products here.