Hearing aids are one of the greatest tools we have to help those losing or having difficulty hearing.

These great little pieces of technology are much like other daily tools and need to be kept and maintained in order to function properly. But there are many questions like, how do you maintain a hearing aid without damaging it? What needs to be done and how often? What hearing aid accessories will make your hearing aid more comfortable or work better?

We put together some simple steps you can take to maintain your hearing aid so it will run better and longer for you.

These aren't the most complex tasks that required extreme knowledge of the hardware,but rather simple everyday things the average person can do to keep their hearing aid running properly.

Being aware of earwax

is one of the simplest measures you can do to preserve your hearing aids. Naturally intended to defend our bodies, ear wax can become one of the biggest problems you face when dealing with any type of ear-related device like hearing aids or earbuds. Simple daily maintenance will ensure that you are hearing the aid's sounds as clearly as possible while lowering the danger of wax-related harm.

Many hearing aid specialists advise performing a nightly check on your hearing aids as part of a regular regimen. Any wax or dirt that has gathered throughout the day can be easily cleaned off by wiping your hearing aid down with a tissue. Wipe the dome, which includes the part of the device that goes behind your ear as well as the section that goes into your ear canal.

It is also a great idea to replace the dome of your hearing aid every few months, or quarterly if the build-up is higher. Spare domes and extra batteries are some of the best hearing aid accessories that you can keep handy. Wax guards are also another removable part of some hearing aids that help prevent this issue. It is recommended that you look into your device to see if yours is equipped with a removable wax guard and if you can get spares.

Other things like visual observations on your hearing aid are also recommended.

Look to see that there are no cracks, damaged buttons, or anything else that can cause discomfort and difficulty functioning.

A battery check is also a great everyday task that can save you if you are near the end of battery life. This is why it is good to have a few spares readily available. Keeping some in a medicine cabinet, car, or bag is also a great place to store spare batteries.

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