Joan Gow Employee Highlight

Regardless of industry, size or location, a company will only ever be as successful as the employees that make up the company. Westone is certainly no exception to this fact, as we wouldn’t be in our 60th year of operations without the dedication and perseverance demonstrated by all of our amazing employees over the past six decades. When it comes to Westone’s own unique history however, few employees have shown more of the continued commitment to excellence that we always strive so hard for our employees to demonstrate, than our very own Joan Gow. 

We are so grateful to have been able to keep Joan as an integral part of the Westone family for the past 30 years, as she has not only seen firsthand plenty of the monumental changes and growth that have taken place within the company during her time here, but she has also been a key figure in leading the way to help make some of those crucial changes actually come about.

“When I started here, I wanted to get into something else besides what they had me doing initially.” Joan recalled when thinking back to her start with Westone. “I wanted to try working with our plaster material, but they wouldn’t allow me to work with the plaster because the company felt that it was too hard on women to break-up the plaster. That quickly changed, and I definitely think there are more job opportunities for women now at Westone then there were when I first started.”

When Westone was just starting to enter the music industry with the creation of our in-ear monitors during the 1980s, Joan was front and center to witness the very beginnings of Westone’s (at the time) new Music Department. She was actually one of the very first Westone employees to be trained on how to build our custom in-ear monitors, which quickly became one of her fondest duties at Westone, as she truly enjoyed the challenge of trying to figure out how to fit all the required elements that go into an in-ear monitor into a custom earpiece.

“A little later on when they did start the ES stuff (custom monitors), it was nice that they actually trusted me enough to do a lot of the chemical work and stuff like that required for creating those monitors.” Joan said.

Originally hailing from the "Land of 10,000 Lakes", Joan migrated southwest to Colorado Springs over 30 years ago from her hometown of Saint Paul, Minnesota. During the move westward, Joan brought two of her beloved horses from Minnesota out to CO with her, as taking care of horses and being a part of various saddle clubs have always been some of her lifelong passions. With such a strong love for horses, we shouldn’t have been surprised when we asked Joan what her absolute fondest memory of working at Westone was, and her answer of course involved an animal.

“When Lew Morgan gave me my pet bunny rabbit.” Joan answered without any real hesitation as a slight grin slowly started to spread across her face, “It was a Christmas present, and that was back when the labs were so small that there were only about 13 people in the lab, so we would exchange names with just one other person at Christmas. We named him (the rabbit) 'Hasenpfeffer', which is basically a German dish of Rabbit!”

We’re not just extremely lucky, but also extremely grateful that Joan has decided to stick around Westone for the past three decades. Her plethora of knowledge and hands-on experience from the multitude of positions she has held during her time at Westone is invaluable for our current staff, especially newer employees working within our earmold production labs. We appreciate everything that Joan’s done for the company, and we look forward to keeping her around Westone as long as we possibly can!