Former Westone President & CEO Jason Lockwood

Jason Lockwood, president and CEO at Westone Laboratories since 2014, is stepping down from his position after five years of leading the company. Jason has recently been offered a similar position with another healthcare-based company, and the opportunity was simply too good for him and his family to pass up. Although we are sad to see Jason go after his five dedicated years of leadership here at Westone, we're wishing him and his family nothing but the very best in their future endeavors!

Jason first came to Westone back in the spring of 2014 after being appointed president & CEO of the company by the board of directors. During his time at Westone, Jason oversaw all branches of the company, including Westone’s Hearing Healthcare, Military, Hearing Protection and Music departments. A master of multitasking, Jason was able to make great strides in further developing every part of Westone’s business, including each of the company’s main four branches mentioned above.

Multiple products and procedures that have been massive game-changers for Westone were put in place under Jason’s leadership, and we look forward to further building upon all the great things he has already put in place for us! Jason brought about crucial advancements to the technology we use to create our earpieces, including implementing new ear impression digital scanners (which are now used to scan and save EVERY SINGLE EAR IMPRESSION sent in to Westone), as well as improving the 3D printing technology used in our labs, which has become an integral staple of our earpiece production process. For the military side of the company, Jason went to great lengths to incorporate generous military discounts on our military products for active service men and women, as well as to protect some of Westone’s patented technology that can only be used for military members ordering our ACCES earpieces.

While Jason’s influence and daily presence within the company will undoubtedly be missed, we didn’t waste much time finding the perfect replacement for him to lead the company into the future. HealthEdge, a private equity firm and current owner of Westone, moved with extraordinary quickness to introduce Zubin Meshginpoosh as the new president & chief commercial officer at Westone, a move that has already sent waves throughout the company. We’ve quickly found Zubin’s positive attitude to be contagious, as his knowledge and cheerful personality have quickly spread to instill a new energy in all of us “Westoneians”. With over 20 years of experience already working within the healthcare industry, we are all ecstatic to see what Zubin has planned next for the company’s future!

If you haven’t already, please join us in giving thanks to Jason for all that he’s done for Westone over the last five years, and also in welcoming Zubin as the new head of the Westone family!