Online Earpiece Ordering

Earpiece Orders

An in-house “rush service” is available for an additional fee. Standard shipping is FREE via First Class mail unless another shipping method is chosen. We supply First Class mailing boxes and labels for your use, free of charge.


Note: Our postage paid labels are for mailing earpiece orders only. Please do not use these labels unless you are sending an earpiece order using a standard impression box.


If you need your order faster than First Class, expedited shipping services are available through FedEx, UPS, or Priority Mail. These services are offered at discounted rates available to Westone. If you send us impressions via FedEx, UPS, or Priority Mail, please specify on your order form the return shipping method for the finished product. If no method is specified, we will return the order to you via the same method we received it and charge your account accordingly.


Earpiece Remake Policy

We will remake an earpiece at no additional charge if it breaks within one year due to failure of materials or workmanship. In addition, we will remake an earpiece within 90 days of the invoice date under the following circumstances:

  • We made a manufacturing error
  • An earpiece allows feedback or does not fit properly. Please note that open style earpieces are not guaranteed against feedback

No-charge remakes are not available under the following circumstances:

  • Incorrect information is supplied on the order form
  • Feedback or fit problems arise after 90 days from the original invoice date
  • The earpiece is lost or mishandled
  • The earpiece was lost in the mail
  • A new style is needed due to a change in the hearing instrument
  • Decision to fit the other ear is made
  • Patient has pulled out tubes resulting in a torn mold
  • Occlusion
  • Vent change
  • Color change

If a color, style or material change is requested on a remake, a bench fee will be charged.

Note: Shipping charges apply on all remakes.

Earpiece Shipping* One Way Round Trip
United States Postal Service $0 $0
Priority Overnight (10:30 AM) $25.95 $51.90
Standard Overnight (3:00 PM) $19.95 $39.90
2-Day (4:30 PM) $14.75 $29.50
3-Day (4:30 PM) $12.75 $25.50

Note: All earpiece shipments made to a residential address will be billed an additional $3.75 more than corresponding commercial rates.



Westone makes it easier than ever to place your custom earpiece order by using the Westone Online Earpiece Ordering System. The new system allows you to easily design and configure your custom earpiece order and quickly submit it to our order processing system. If you are a registered Westone Dealer and already have a Westone store account, you can start ordering your custom earpieces online today. Just visit your Account Profile and click on the 'Order Custom Earpieces' button to begin your order. The button is located under the 'Dealer Information' in the customer dashboard.

If you already have a Westone store account, but are not yet an approved Westone Dealer, you can use the contact form to reach out about Dealer Account process.