Dealer Payment Portal

How to Use our Dealer Payment Portal

Westone Laboratories invites you to use our new Dealer Payment Portal and streamline your invoice and statement remit process. The link below will take you to the login/enroll page that only requires your Westone account number and your 5 digit billing zip code. This information can be easily found on all printed or emailed billing documentation. Please note all leading zeros and correct ordering of alpha-numeric accounts is important. See your billing documentation for full and correct formatting. Please review the Important Notes at the bottom of this page.

Step 1

You can create a dedicated LOGIN with your email from the Enroll link or during payment processing. A dedicated LOGIN will allow you to receive prompt automated billing notifications as well as past due / pending due messages. You are NOT required to create a LOGIN to use the system. PAY NOW will always allow you to pay with just your Account and Zipcode.


Step 2

Your Account Dashboard summaries open Westone invoices and allows you to Pay All as well as drill into specific invoices with “View all Items” and see historical payments in a compact presentation. You can view a simplified invoice version within the item detail. You do need to add a Payment Method (card details) to process any payment.


Step 3

Pay My Bills and View all Items will present you with a detail of open invoices, credit memos, etc. As this system is primarily an alternate Payment path, it will not detail payments made directly with Westone. However, payments processed by other methods will partially or completely pay OPEN invoices and those will drop off / show remaining balances in normal course.


Important notes about this system

  • Westone Customer Service agents do not have direct access to assist your use of this system. There are numerous help pop-ups and the system is built to industry standards for PCI Compliance, Encryption and Tokenization of all your data. Westone does NOT have access to your payment card details and cannot help you process payments. We can, of course, look into any problems you are experiencing. Please email
  • Normal document availability in the Portal is one business day from posting. Payments made within the system must be processed by the card processor, then by our banking institution and finally presented to Westone for application in our system which then updates the Portal. It can take up to three business days before your payment will reflect at the invoice level in this system. Your processed payments will always be present in the Portal. Paid invoices will still show open amounts until the update applies.
  • Only US Customers, US Payment cards and US Banking systems are supported at this time.
  • ACH / Bank account payment methods are not yet available in this system – Coming in the near future!