Removing FIT Tubes

FIT earpieces are modeled using sophisticated three-dimensional computer software and are “printed” via an additive manufacturing process. The acrylic resin used with FIT is slightly different from conventional acrylic. The resin’s composition requires the use of cyanoacrylate (Super Glue®®), rather than standard thin tubing cement, to hold the vinyl tubes in place. Retubing therefore requires a slightly different procedure.

Tubing removal is the same for both a through tube and half-tube earpiece. To remove the old tube, we recommend holding the earpiece stationary in one hand while pulling the tube and twisting it in a circular motion with the other hand or a pair of needle nose pliers. This movement will create tension at the tip of the tube and break the glue bond.


If this action is unsuccessful, you can use a small amount of debonder (Westone part #20262) to soften the Super Glue® at the tip of the earpiece. Once the old tube is removed, rinse any excess debonder from the surface of the earpiece.

Warning: Do not use a high-speed rotary tool or hand-held reamer when removing the old tubing as this may damage the FIT earpiece.