Removing Old Tubes

Retubing an earpiece can be challenging. By using the tools and techniques described in this section, you will be able to remove old tubing and install new tubing on your patients’ earpieces.

There are two quick and easy ways to remove old tubing from earpieces.

If you have an available microwave, bring a small glass container filled with water to a rolling boil. While the water is still actively boiling, drop the earpiece you wish to re-tube into the container. Once the water is cool enough to take the earpiece out, remove it from the still warm water and use a small pair of needle nose pliers to remove the old tube. A sharp tug should be all that is required to pull the tubing free from the earpiece.

The second way to remove tubing from an earpiece is to use a Westone hand reamer (Westone part #30451). Cut the tubing flush with the outside surface of the earpiece, insert the hand reamer and rotate in a clockwise direction. The drilling action will remove the old tubing from inside the sound bore. After you have removed the old earpiece tubing with either method, inspect the sound bore for any remaining debris. Any debris left in the sound bore can have an effect on the high-frequency response or completely block sound transmission.

Note: Never use powered drill bits or cutting burrs when trying to remove old tubing from an earpiece. Use of powered tools can quickly alter the inside diameter of the sound bore, render the earpiece unusable and will void any Westone warranty.