Tax Exempt Organizations FAQ

Why are we receiving a request for a tax exemption certificate?
You have received this notice because you currently conduct business or previously did so with Westone. We are updating our records to ensure we are only charging sales tax to those companies that are tax liable.

How do I fill out the exemption form?
Westone cannot legally advise on how to fill out the form for your business. Please refer to your Accounts Payable person/department, your tax advisor, or one of the links provided on this web page.

We only order earmolds, which are not taxable. Do we still need to fill out this form?
While earmolds are generally not taxable, we do sell many products that are taxable. The purpose of this form is to determine whether your business is tax exempt.

Are any other documents acceptable in place of the form sent?
We will accept a State Issued Tax Exempt Certificate or a Reseller’s License.

I should be billed for any applicable sales tax. Do I need to do anything?
If your business is tax liable, no further action is required.

I received more than one notice. Can I just send back one exemption form?
If all notices are for the same business with the same tax ID# (EIN), then one form referencing all account numbers is acceptable.

I received a letter for an account I no longer use. What should I do?
Please email with directions to terminate the account.